A large comprehensive enterprise specialized in the research and development, design,production, etc. of tunnel machinery equipment 

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Fishes enjoy a good swim in broad ocean and birds soar in clean sky. Morality first, and equal stress on morality and ability

Tengyu believes that people with knowledge and skills, talents and talent teams are the most valuable key resources of Tengyu's management, and self-cultivation and social recruitment are the main strategies of Tengyu's human resource construction.

Tengyu believes that it is the unremitting responsibility of the enterprise to establish a global human resource vision and employment platform that is broad, open and inclusive enough.

Reputation will never discriminate against employees because of their nationality, family, blood relationship, region, religion, nationality and other factors other than character, knowledge and skills. Tengyu is good at discriminating the character, bearing, will, knowledge and skills of employees and the team, selecting people according to morality, selecting people according to post and staffing according to ability, adheres to the principle of cadre use that "seriously consider the person with both ability and morality, appropriately consider the person with morality but without ability, and do not consider the person with ability but without morality", and grants employees responsibilities according to their ambitions, and platform scale according to their talents. Fishes enjoy a good swim in broad ocean and birds soar in clean sky!

In Tengyu, employee and team values are evaluated based on how much they contribute to the development of Tengyu's business, rather than others.