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Service Support

Service Support

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Complete management and service system:

1. In order to ensure that the products sold get perfect service, the company has set up a service team specialized in on-site installation, debugging and dealing with emergencies, which has relieved the worries of users. The company will provide pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services in strict accordance with the contract provisions, and ensure that measures are in place within 48 hours for the problems or requirements raised by customers. In order to ensure the normal use of the trolley, our company's installers will be responsible for the trial lining of first five frameworks by using the trolley. During that period, our installers will use the trolley on the site and explain to your operators the main structure, operation method, operation precautions and maintenance matters of the formwork trolley, so as to ensure that the operator of the client can operate and use the trolley skillfully.

No matter what causes the problem, we promise to arrive at the construction site within 48 hours after receiving the notice.

In a word, in order to make the trolley fully meet your usage requirements, the company will do its best to ensure the normal use of the trolley in the construction site, to create the greatest economic benefits for customers.

2. Complete contract management. From the review of contract signing to the settlement of contract performance, the company has formed a procedural operation, focusing on providing users with perfect services in all aspects of contract performance, ensuring the realization of the transaction purpose of both parties, and maintaining the benefits due to both parties.