Quality assurance
Engaged in tunnel machinery and equipment research and development, design, production

Technical Advantages

Technical advantage: Our company sets tunnel and underground engineering construction machinery development, design, manufacturing, repair in one. Professional production technology is complete, complete professional personnel. At present, there are 15 medium and senior professional and technical personnel and more than 150 medium and senior technicians. The standard of our company's template trolley was reviewed and filed by experts organized by Luoyang Technical Supervision Bureau of Henan Province in 2006. The company has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification, from raw material procurement to each process layer inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection combination, strict cutting, processing, assembly, welding, installation and debugging of each pass, never allow unqualified products into the user.

The main products of the company are: steel formwork lined trolley series, waterproof plate laying trolley series, ditch cable trough trolley series, invert trestle series, etc.

The following devices can be optional for lining trolley:

1. Alarm device for air raid shelter

2. Automatic cloth system

3. Semi-automatic cloth system

4. Steel baffle plate

5. Soft lap device

6, chute, etc.

Production scale: The annual production of all kinds of lining trolley can reach 200 sets. Take a single lining trolley as an example, the shortest delivery time is 12 days to the construction site. All parts of lining trolley, except electrical parts, hydraulic parts, other parts are manufactured by the company.