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Complete management and service system:

1. In order to ensure the perfect service for the sold products, the company has established a after-sales service team specializing in on-site installation, commissioning and handling emergencies, so as to relieve the worries of users. The company will do a good job of pre-sale, sale and after-sales service in strict accordance with the contract provisions, and ensure that the customer's questions or requirements within 48 hours to take measures in place. In order to ensure the normal operation of the trolley, our company's installation personnel will be responsible for the first five molds of the trolley test lining. During this period, we will operate the use of the formwork trolley on site, and explain to your operators the main structure, operation methods, operation precautions and maintenance and overhaul matters of the formwork trolley, so as to ensure that the operators of the client can skillfully operate and use the trolley.

From the beginning of the use of the trolley to the completion of the engineering lining, no matter what the reason for the problem, our company guarantees that after receiving the notice within 48 hours to the construction site to deal with.

In short, in order to fully meet your use requirements, the company will do its best to ensure the normal use of the truck in the construction site, to create the maximum economic benefits for customers.

2. Complete contract management, from the review of contract signing to the settlement after the completion of contract performance, has formed a procedural operation, focusing on providing users with perfect services in all aspects of contract performance, ensuring the realization of the transaction purpose of both parties and safeguarding the interests due to both parties.


Service Support