Steel formwork is a steel formwork used for concrete placeme

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2023/04/07 09:39

Steel formwork is a steel formwork used for concrete pouring and forming. In addition to steel formwork, there are also wooden formwork, plywood formwork, etc. Steel formwork is widely used in construction projects due to its multiple uses and beautiful appearance during concrete pouring.


According to the purpose of steel formwork, it can be divided into: civil construction (housing) steel formwork and bridge steel formwork.

According to the shape of steel formwork pouring, it can be divided into box girder formwork, T-beam formwork, capping beam formwork, hollow beam formwork, circular formwork, guard beam formwork, pier column head formwork, etc.

There is also a combination of steel templates, which are divided into: large template, small template, medium template, internal corner, external corner, etc.

Steel formwork: It consists of a panel structure, support system, operating platform, and accessories. It is a tool type template for the construction of cast-in-place walls and wall structures. Its characteristic is that the size of the large formwork is based on the width, depth, and floor height of the building.

Advantages of steel formwork: reinforcement system, high component strength, high combined stiffness, high plate manufacturing accuracy, tight joints, not easy to deform, good overall formwork, and strong seismic resistance

Disadvantages of steel formwork: The formwork has a large weight and requires lifting machinery for mobile installation, resulting in high costs.

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